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How To Know When To Call For Bat Removal

Suspect you have a bat infestation? Let's make certain! Keep in mind that solitary bats can enter your home through an open door, or window when searching for food. You may actually see bats flying around a porch light or street light chasing the insects attracted to the light.

However, not all scratching, rustling and thumping sounds in your attic or walls means you have a bat infestation. You may have birds, mice or rats. But if you see bats around the home, you need to call us at Batman Enterprises.

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Where Exactly Do Bats Enter The Home?

Bats typically enter homes through a variety of openings. Amazingly enough, an adult bat can squeeze through a space the size of a nickel!


Figure 1
Shows a few locations bats use to enter your home:
Figure 2 
Demonstrates attic access points used for infestation:

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Complete bat control is what our company specializes in. We are not a pest control company who "tries their hand at bat removal", nor are we one of the "bat removal internet location websites" who sell leads to pest control companies. Bat removal is our one and only business.


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Customer Testimonials

"Fantastic service and very professional. Brad took care of our home when we first moved in, and then came back to investigate when we thought we heard more later (turned out to be chimney swifts, which he also took care of).I highly recommend these folks!"

Cole Miller

“ Kevin & his team with Batman Enterprises were great to work with! Prompt with a free estimate & thoroughly showed my husband evidence of the bats living in our attic. He detailed a plan & was prompt with executing it. Communication with his team on scheduling was seamless & not stressful. Kevin was overall very very nice man, thorough, knows his stuff & is an expert in his field & very professional in his work! I would 100% recommended Batman Enterprises.”

Angie Cain

Batman Enterprises, LLC